Hosting Plans

Plan Types:
Description Plan A Plan B Plan C
Yearly Price:$20 / Year$30 / Year$40 / Year
Picture Space:15 MB30 MB50 MB

Site Benefits:
Space allocated is measured in pictures only. Your web pages, thumbnails, forums, and such are not included in your used space total. All pictures that are not optimized for space will be compressed down according to your preferences when you upload them. Typically for pictures 550 pixels wide, you could store over 300 pictures in 15 MB, over 600 pictures at 30 MB, and over 1000 pictures at 50 MB. Your space usage will vary depending on what size of pictures you want displayed here, but the space usage is calculated on picture storage only.
Each family site includes a bulletin board where you can leave messages or discuss anything you like. The forums include such things as personal messages that can pop-up when you send them to your family visiting the site.
Picture Tools:
In your management menus you will find tools such as rotation, renameing, deletion, and other tools. The galleries you place them into are configurable as to location, thumbnails, and naming.
Family Organization:
A variety of tools will help you track and notify your family about new pictures and changes to your site. In your settings you can change things such as adding family members to your family and friends list, sending out mass emails to those wanting them to notify them of new pictures being posted on your site, and also picture comments.

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